Our Wares

Dreams are best crafted with the finest materials, and Keystone Vintage Lumber specializes in providing remarkable wood for all manner of passion projects. Beauty, quality, history, and utility converge in our vast selection of reclaimed lumber, each piece a connection to another time.


Whether a vintage beam was reclaimed from an old barn, home, factory, or warehouse, each one has a story. One might have been used to hold up bales of hay. Another to support cattle. Often, we can tell you exactly what purpose a beam served in its previous life, but sometimes, its origins remain an intriguing mystery, and its new story is yours to tell.

Perhaps its new story is a mantel above your fireplace. Or a sprawling display on your ceiling. Or an outdoor pergola. We love to help our customers understand the many different ways a beam can be incorporated into a room, and what kind of beam — from the material to texture to size — best suits your project and specifications. Regardless of where or how it’s used, our hand-hewn, original surface and re-sawn surface beams effortlessly add charm and character to any space.

All of our beams are dry, clean, and ready to use. We store our beams inside our enormous warehouses, where they are protected from the ravages of insects and the weather — and waiting for you to incorporate into your next project.

Past Beam Projects

Coat Rack at Neo-Pangea

When a barn was restored on the Neo-Pangea owner’s property, we set aside some beautiful pine. We turned this beam into Victorian-style coat rack that now adorns the Neo-Pangea office.

Fireplace Mantel

Before this oak beam became a mantel, it was part of a Lancaster County barn. Look closely and you’ll notice the remnants of the beam’s mortise and peg joint.


When you think of lumber, a beautiful accent wall might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Lumber is like a language — a language that needs to be interpreted by those who understand it best — and our woodworkers can tell you which pieces of lumber translate best into a kitchen island, ceiling, bar, or accent wall.

There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect lumber. We give careful attention to every project to ensure we solve for the right variable. This begins by first understanding your space and what you want to achieve. You can walk out of any reclaimed wood supplier with materials. We want you to walk out of Keystone Vintage Lumber with the right materials. If you want an end product with heavy character, we might point you in the direction of lumber from the center bay of the inside of a barn that has been trodden by horses. If you want something that has been weathered, we’ll likely show you wood from the exterior, where years of exposure to the elements has left a myriad of patinas. Even then, we can explain how each patina got there, perhaps from years of bright sunrises or the shade of an adjacent tree.

With so many reclaimed lumber choices available in our meticulously curated inventory, you might find yourself losing track of time during your search for the right material for your project. We take great care to ensure the safety of our materials and the convenience of our clients by keeping our lumber clean, dry, and neatly stacked in our warehouse. We can resaw lumber from our inventory to your specific dimensions, and, if we don't have something in stock, we can easily source and deliver it promptly.

Past Lumber Projects

Industry Bar

Nothing makes a statement quite like a room cloaked in wall-to-wall lumber. The ceilings and beams that once made up the Industry Bar were covered in grey oak (with subtle red undertones). This weathered wood was sourced from the siding of a Midwest barn.

Live Edge Counter

Before this Sycamore slab became a bathroom countertop, it was a local tree service log. A live edge counter is a simple way to incorporate an heirloom lumber project into your home — to turn a meaningful tree on your property into something new and functional.


At Keystone Vintage Lumber, every piece of furniture is handcrafted by determined artisans who refuse to cut corners or sacrifice quality workmanship. Our furniture is not mass-produced; like all the best things in life, every piece is unique. We build furniture the right way with the right stuff, crafted using solid wood construction and traditional joinery methods.

Even better, we encourage you to come to us with your own ideas for unique pieces — pieces built using wood that already has a story and that will be at the center of your own family’s stories for generations. Whether you want to create a work of art using a tree that fell down in your backyard or rustic wood salvaged from one of our warehouses, all of our furniture is handmade and is more durable than anything you might buy from a department store. Even the way we build our furniture sets us apart: we use big, vintage equipment, which makes the process just as authentic as the final product itself.

Every piece of Keystone Vintage Lumber furniture is engrained with stories, some old and others waiting to be told. Our hope is that each piece is not just built to use, but used to build lasting memories.

Past Furniture Projects

Dining Table

We made this dining table for our Keystone Vintage Lumber showroom, but it was sold to a walk-in customer just a few months later. Black walnut wood and a trestle base are just a couple of the characteristics that make this table unique. But it’s the history — a local rescued the wood from a Virgina burn pile — that truly sets it apart.

Collin’s Stump

Before this was a table, it was a tree stump. We spent the day with the customer driving around a family farm looking for potential stumps to harvest. This particular one was an old Ash tree with wing roots. We carefully cut and transported this stump using an old Farmall tractor. The old tree was then transformed into a table and delivered to the client’s mountain home in Maryland.


Have you ever pondered the history of your reclaimed floors? Hundreds of years ago, a tree began to grow in a forest. Eventually, someone needed wood to build a barn and that tree was cut down and turned into lumber. Imagine a group of friends getting together on a warm summer day to saw the tree. We can’t help but think of the conversations they had. The hours they labored. These are the kinds of stories imprinted onto every piece of wood at Keystone Vintage Lumber.

Proper flooring is the biggest difference between any room and a room that makes an impression. An aesthetically and ecologically attractive choice, reclaimed lumber can be used to create a stunning and unique hardwood floor surface. Available in a multitude of widths, the combinations of different styles, species, and textures are seemingly endless. Understanding the nuances of these differences is what will create your ideal space. If you want a warm feel — for example, something that draws you in — we might encourage you to choose reclaimed flooring cut from beams: The character and aging of 200 years create something that will make you want to take off your shoes and walk across.

We use your specifications to turn your chosen reclaimed wood into the floor of your dreams. Our dehumidification kiln dries wood slowly and consistently without stressing it, and our state-of-the-art milling machines produce quality materials for projects of any size.

Past Flooring Projects

Brienna’s Home

The planks that span this Pennsylvania home once made up the tongue and groove sheathing under the siding of a local barn. We lightly milled the inside surface of this 5” wide white pine so the original texture remained intact.

Hillary’s Home

This black walnut flooring covers most of this Montclair, New Jersey home. The wood was derived from local tree service logs that we dried and prepped. Once delivered and installed, the floor was finished with a natural Tung oil to give it a rich, saturated look.