There are possibilities sleeping within our vintage lumber waiting to be awakened by your imagination. Whether you have a complete idea ready for saws and hammers or just a feeling you want translated into beautiful, practical art, we can help. Our design process brings together the past and present. The old and new. Your vision and our imagination. And we weave it all together with years of experience and a lifetime of passion.

The process of designing your space should be as extraordinary as the result itself. A beautifully designed room or piece of furniture is more than something you see — it’s something you feel and experience. It’s where memories are made. Where people gather. Where stories are told. We want to help you tell a story of your own.

The moment you step into one of our warehouses, you step back in time. Every piece of reclaimed wood tells a tale: marks from the hooves of the cattle that walked across a 19th-century barn floor, a nick from the saw that was once dropped on it, a gray tinge from years of exposure to the sun. Our goal is to create harmony between all of the elements that contribute to your design — from lighting to wall color to the subtlest details of your reclaimed wood.

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