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Wood is a special material, born of the Earth and nurtured by the rains. Even amidst the turmoil of our modern age, wood evokes a sense of romance and antiquity that transports us to a more elegant time. Every piece of wood has a lifetime of stories to tell; some have even witnessed the very birth of our nation and can provide glimpses of our shared heritage. With a simple touch or a whiff of sawdust, vintage wood can connect us in powerful ways to those who came before us.

At Keystone Vintage Lumber, we use old-world craftsmanship and artistry to celebrate aged wood’s past and prepare it for a dignified future. After we reclaim a piece of wood, we transform it into something amazing and give it a chance to be a part of your personal story. Bring us the lingering wisps of a dream, and we can translate that vision into reality.

We pay special attention to the materials of our craft, embracing a deep commitment to ensuring reclaimed wood finds new purpose while preserving its character and intrinsic beauty. From complete structural restorations to custom furniture, we take great pride in the quality and authenticity that has become the hallmark of Keystone Vintage Lumber.

Artistry & authenticity
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A sprawling shelter originally built and used by the venerable Bethlehem Steel Corp., our warehouse ably shields our ample inventory from the ravages of the elements and hungry insects. Towering stacks of vintage and salvaged wood await your inspection and purchase. Modern milling equipment and an on-site kiln stand ready to prepare classic, customized materials for your next project. Stop by and take a look around; sometimes, you only know what you want when you see it.



Sometimes, a particular piece of wood simply inspires us to create what we feel in our hearts. Depending on our mood, a piece of wood might become a rustic dinner table, a striking armoire, an elegant wine rack, or even an unusual dinner set for your favorite four-legged companion. Even the showroom in which we offer these creative expressions for purchase serves, tastefully appointed from floor to ceiling in handcrafted wood, as a prime example of what Keystone Vintage Lumber can do with quality materials. If none of our readily available wares strike your fancy, one of them may inspire you to work with us to create your ideal piece of furniture or structural enhancement.


  • Eldon Dieffenbach

    Eldon Dieffenbach

    Eldon Dieffenbach has always loved working with wood. Since his childhood, he has been drawn to the way that this special material allows us to capture memories and add beauty wherever it is used. Eldon founded Keystone Vintage Lumber in 2009 to tap into that passion and help other people craft unique, authentic visions for their homes and businesses. He focuses his energy on growing KVL into the premier resource for reclaimed wood.

  • Jeff Hanna

    Jeff Hanna

    From boats to fine furniture, Jeff Hanna can rely on his bachelor’s degree in studio art from the University of Iowa to design the perfect piece and then craft it using his woodworking degree from Thaddeus Stevens. His love of wood is equal only to his passion for antique hand tools. Jeff manages the KVL shop and warehouse and will gladly help you find the right material for your next project. Away from the shop, Jeff can be found rock climbing outdoors.

  • Finnegan


    Finn is an intelligent, friendly Golden Retriever who is always happy to help our clients hunt for the finest wood in our warehouse. His good-natured exuberance keeps our spirits high around the shop, and he loves to make new friends. If you visit our warehouse, Finn will be glad to give you the grand tour.